Natural gemstone rough source

In 2016, the gemstone cutting factory of Kalosgem start mining in ILakaka in southern Madagascar.

Ilakaka-Sakaraha mine is the world’s largest sapphire producer over the past 13 years. The first discovery of Ilakaka sapphire mine is in 1998. Then, Thai and Malagasy merchants quickly start to invest money in the new mine. Within months, miners from all around the island settled near the bridge on the Ilakaka River, and a boomtown was born.

A map of the Ilakaka-Sakaraha mining areas of southern Madagascar. (Picture from GIA)

Our mining team in ILakaka - Photograph by Kalosgem

Process of washing the rocks and soil to find the gems - Photograph by Kalosgem

Kalosgem Gemstone Mine Rough
Beautiful sapphire rough - Photograph by Kalosgem

Now, Ilakaka and Sri Lanka are the world’s main source for blue and pink sapphire mine. Similar to other mines in the world, mine of Ilakaka will also face being exhausted in the future. Similarly, Kashmir sapphire, and Burma ruby and Columbia Emerald are becoming more and more popular among the public. However, they are facing exhausted since the natural mine is limited, which is the reason why natural gemstones are valuable and precious.