How Gemstone Gets Cut and Polished?

Planning the Cut

Based on the shape, size and inclusions of the rough, cutter will decide how to cut the stone. The decision that the cutter makes in this step will directly result in different price of the stone after finishing. In this process the cutter designed the table, shape and the weight of the finished stone. Thus, this is a very important process. Most of the factories have paid the most money to those cutters. Normally, in small factory the owner always handle this process of cutting. 



This process is to preshaping the stone. The cutter uses special dopping wax attached to the gemstone to a special metal rod grinds.

Then, the cutter, holding the metal rod grinds, grinds the rough gemstone by using a steel spinning wheel. This process will produce the very basic shape of the cut.

gemstone cut shaping



This is a magic process and also the final stage. This requires highly skilled talent, which takes many years to get the perfect level. And because of this, experienced master cutters are a cherished breed. In this final stage, the cutter will use a special polishing lap, also primed with diamond powder. Each facet is then polished to make the perfect luster.

A good cutter will perform each step with intuition until the beautiful finished gemstone. It takes many many years to grasp a high level of this skill. Highly capable cutters are revered in the trade, since they are able to conceive how a piece of rough can be transformed into the most valuable gemstone, while at the same time making the balance of a host of considerations and challenges along the process.

gemstone cut polish