What Affects The Gemstone Sparkling?

There are many factors affecting whether a gemstone is sparkling or not, which is not limited to the quality of the rough, method and of cutting, colour of the gemstone, etc.

The characteristics of gemstone raw materials themselves

There are a lot of gemstone raw materials that have issue, causing not able to be sparking no matter what process operated to the gemstone. First of all, if the colour is too dark, making hard for the light to go through, causing less luster. Secondly, if there is too much inclusion, for instance, silky inclusion, the gemstone with it will be not sparking. However, Kashmir Miliness sapphire is very valuable even though it is not sparking. Lastly, cutting also plays an important role in whether the gemstone is sparking. For instance, based on the same quality rough, compared to emerald cut, brilliant cut is more sparking. Last but not least, cutting ability is important. For example, if cutting ratio is abnormal, the gemstone will not be sparking.

Nevertheless, whether the gemstone is sparking does not directly affect the value of the gemstone. Like eye shadow, some loves cloudy, while others prefer sparking. The quantity of gemstone is limited on the earth, and the source of gemstone is getting less and less. Consequently, gemstone is valued for its rarity, as long as it is beautiful.