Our Story

The Inspirations

“When I was six years old, I used to know if you see a sapphire from different directions you see two colours”

Starting with cutting sapphires in our small village in China, shortly, my mother and her sister started selling big stock to different investors from Bangkok, Thailand. Our family business was seeing a rapid growth due to a high demand in the market, my mother employed more people and upgraded the equipment imported directly from Thailand to meet the growth, and my father eventually got involved in the business and decided to focus on a better cut quality. He did a thorough research about cut quality and significantly contributed to develop the cut style of blue sapphires.

gemstone cutting

Most of the sapphire were step cut, however, we started to use diamond cut in order to increase the brilliance of the stone. In 2006 we set up our own wholesale office in Bangkok, and started to participate in the Bangkok International Jewellery Shows. Our cutting technique has made us become very popular in the gemstone field in Bangkok, meanwhile some big jewellers started to co-operate with us directly.

Unfortunately, the mine in our village were gradually drying. With the increasing expansion of our business, we started to look for other gemstone sources especially in Australia and Africa. We have invested a mind in Irakka, Africa and co-operated with a mine owner in Queensland, who would provide the gems to us exclusively.

We provide high quality of stones to large jewellery manufacturers and gems agents from all over the world. We are very proud that they use our stone to make beautiful jewellery, such as sapphire ring, pendant, earrings and pink sapphire jewelleries. We also provide stones for a top Swiss watch company. This is a milestone for us in the industry as the company only uses extremely high-quality stones and apparently only limited factories could meet the strict standard. This proves that our cutting and polishing grade is at the top level in the world.

The Founder

Yun Sun was indoctrinated in the family business since she was little, she has learned the knowledge which can only be acquired by lifetime involvement in the jewellery industry. As an independent jewellery designer, “I am amazed by all types of gemstones and jewelleries. I believe every piece of jewellery tells a story. It could be a love story or a memorable story from the past. Now, I think it is time for me to take a step and move forward” Yun says.

Because of the passion for natural gemstones, Yun systematically studied gemstones and became a gemologist from AIGS. With the knowledge of every aspect of jewellery, Yun established Kalosgem in 2017. Kalosgem grows stronger through its commitment to provide excellent service to its customers. Kalosgem is focusing on natural gemstones, and giving meaning to the jewellery based on each natural gemstone. We will work with you to find the piece of jewellery that associates with your own beauty and elegance, which also allows to outshine any other jewellery you could be wearing” We will continue providing exquisite jewellery and professional service to our customers, including bespoke jewellery, jewellery detection and explanation and jewellery valuation.

We offer a wide selection of natural gemstone jewellery in our store. Customization service will be provided to meet our customers’ special needs. Free gemstone check-ups will also be provided for our VIP customers.