Our Story

When I was six years I know that sapphire has two different colours when seeing the stone from different angles.

My mother started cutting sapphire with her sister, but in a short time they started selling big stock to different investors from Bangkok, Thailand. With a bigger demand, my mother decided to employ more people to expand the factory. Later on, my father stepped into the business. He decided to focus on the cutting quality. He had renovated all the machines imported directly from Thailand and he also researched and developed the cutting style of blue sapphire. Most of the sapphire were step cut, however, we started to use diamond cut in order to increase the brilliance of the stone. In 2006 we set up our own wholesale office in Bangkok, and started to participate in the Bangkok International Jewelry shows. Our cutting technique has made us become very popular in the gemstone field in Bangkok, and new big jewellers started to cooperate with us directly.

Our business has become more and more busy. However, the mine are start drying in our village. Thus, we started to look different gemstone source from different mine such as Africa and Australia. We have invested a mine in African in Irakka and had exclusive corporate with Queensland mine owner who only provided the gems to us.

We provided large quantity of the stone to big jewellery manufacture and gems agent all over the world. We are so proud that they used our stone make beautiful jewellery (sapphire ring, sapphire pendant, sapphire earrings as well as pink sapphire jewellery) and expand them all over the world.

We also started to provide stones for a big Swiss watch company. There are not many factories that could provide stone to watch company since their quality is extremely strict. Starting to work with Swiss watch company is a milestone for us which proves that our cutting and polishing grade as top level in the world.

We have decided to move a step forward for jewellery. (sapphire ring, sapphire pendant, sapphire earrings, pink sapphire ring, ruby ring, ruby pendant, emerald ring, emerald pendant, emerald earrings, tourmaline ring, opal, tourmaline jewellery, alexandrite jewellery, etc.) We will continue focusing on the gemstone which we are specialized in, and provide the professional service, including bespoke jewellery, jewellery detection and explanation, professional stating each aspects and its value of each gemstone, to our customers.

We offer a wide range of natural gemstone jewellery in our shop. We also custom made jewellery according to their special requirement of the any gemstone. Also, we provide Free gemstone check up service for our VIP.